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Why B13 Nutrition? Results!

Our plans work! Our science based, R.D. Designed guidelines help burn fat, fuel your lean muscle, plus every nutrition program comes with our supplementation guides.


That are Fun & get Results!

Are you ready to tone your gorgeous muscles, achieve your fitness goals, and see amazing results while having a blast working out with your B13 Coach and the B13 Tribe?


We have your back!

Fun, friendships, accountability and trust. That is the formula for B13 Community members. Our sisterhood is second to none and we support and cheer on every member. We have your back!


The whole purpose behind B13 Fitness is packed into our name. Be one with Fitness, Be one with Nutrition, and Be one with Coaching. These 3 components make up the winning formula for your fitness and transformation success.


We help women and men take control of their goals! We have helped hundreds just like you map out what they want and help them get there!

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Clients Rave

Because our programs work! Clients Stay because they love the community and fun!

I can’t say enough great things about B13Fit!! The coaches are fantastic. Always eager to answer any questions you have. The support and encouragement are top notch! The nutrition info is easy to understand!!! Best fitness decision I’ve ever made!! Obtaining goals and loving it!!
— Rene Jones
B13Fit!! Amazing coaches who inspire & lift you up to be the best you can be! Who not only encourage but wholeheartedly want the best for you! The only thing holding you back from your goals is you. Can not wait for phase 2!
— Dayna Mason

LOVE Formula 1!!! Brittany & the other coaches are phenomenal at what they do—truly inspiring & encouraging! I cannot wait to fast forward a few weeks to see my 10-week results!
— Brittany McMinn
I love this plan! The meal plans are easy to follow, and I’m full all day from healthy eating and snacking! My favorite part of this program is the grocery list!!! Thank you, Brittany, for bringing ya such a high quality, life changing program!
— Courtney Hagen